John DiMino

John DiMino

shelfLIFE books is proud to have partnered with John DiMino to design the first edition of his book on Mimesis, Shadow Work & Sacred Space, now available in paperback and eBook formats. The links below will connect you with the various vendors for purchase.

John DiMino is a clinical psychologist who has served as director of the student counseling center at Temple University in Philadelphia for over twenty years. He and his wife Liza serve as co-directors of the Mimesis Center ( in the U.S. and offer experiential workshops on the intersection of depth psychology and myth studies. In addition they have run a study group over several years as well as offered trainings for psychotherapists and other helping professionals. They consult with universities, religious, and secular organizations and present the Mimesis process as a teaching method at conferences and for training graduate students in psychology and social work.

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“A deeply moving, profoundly provoking journey into self --- that is what this book promises: It marvelously and masterfully delivers. Presenting a truly unique, eminently innovative form of group work, DiMino persuasively demonstrates the ever-pervasive power and boundless effects of myths on personal growth and development. Chock full of personal stories, group examples, and case material, this book convincingly and compellingly provides in crisp, clear detail the very method by which we can come to understand the personal myths that forever guide, enrich, and define us.” — C. Edward Watkins, Jr. co-editor of the Wiley International Handbook of Clinical Supervision, editor of Handbook of Psychotherapy Supervision.

Shadow Work and Sacred Space appears at one of those rare historical moments when collective changes are so dramatic and portentous as to be mythic in their meaning for personal lives. In such a time, sociopolitical events can evoke individual responses that are numinous and transformative. I believe that the group work, which John DiMino and his wife have developed and call Mimesis, is particularly significant for this chapter of our human journey--and is made doubly so by its efficacy for teenagers and young adults. In this marvel of a book, John DiMino draws not only on his formation in depth psychology, but also on the wisdom he received in his years with the Lakota Sioux.” — Joanna Macy, author, Coming Back to Life.

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