shelfLIFE books designer Donna Miller works with clients to turn their personal photo collections and favorite family stories into beautiful hardbound books for family and friends. These books are truly one of a kind gifts that become treasured heirlooms.

Our Story

Ms. Miller will help with the photo and story selection (she will even ghost write if you prefer). The photos are digitized and the stories are typeset and combined with the images. You are presented with a copy to approve before final printing. You can order as few as one, or multiple copies. A link is provided so that you can order more copies in the future (for example, they make great gifts for newlyweds to give them a sense of their family past). 

shelfLIFE designer, Donna Miller

With decades of experience in the desktop publishing, Ms. Miller has enjoyed turning her attention to personal memoirs. Her clients have shared heart warming and fascinating tales of lives ranging from Merchant Marine adventures, Civil Rights activism, itinerant Methodist ministers, and Irish immigrants.